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    Mrs Rose Alwyn

    St Mark’s College

    Universities of Adelaide

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    Mrs Barbara Green

    St Hilda’s College

    The University of Melbourne

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    University Hall

    University of Western Australia

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    New College

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    The University of Sydney

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    Toad Hall and Ursula Hall

    Australian National University

Welcome to University Colleges Australia

The University Colleges Australia (UCA) is the representative professional body for Heads and Deputies of residential colleges and halls throughout Australia.

UCA delivers services which benefit members’ professional development and in turn helps to create a better collegiate experience for our residential students.

Through conferences, academic resources, grants and site visits, the UCA provides a value-added service for the industry. The Executive Committee actively works with our members to help resolve issues and foster an environment for professional growth and support.

In the light of recent media reports, the UCA Executive Committee has issued the following statement. The Committee will continue to work collectively to assist leaders create safe and secure collegiate learning communities.


The University Colleges Australia offers members the opportunity to expand their knowledge, resources and networks through conferences.


UCA exists to provide services that will help its members become better leaders and in turn develop better collegiate communities.


As a member of the Association you are entitled to access specific information not available to general viewers of the website.