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AGM Report

As announced at the AGM, the UCA Executive is:
President:  Dr Ian Walker
Vice-President:  Ms Rose Alwyn
Secretary:  Dr Carla Tromans
Treasurer:  Dr Marie Leech
Committee Member:  Mrs Barbara Green
Public Officer:  Prof.Trevor Cairney
Immediate Past-President:  Adjunct Prof. Iyla Davies

Please contact a member of the Committee should you require assistance. Copies of the Draft AGM Minutes, the President's Report and the Audited Financial Report are at Members Papers.

StarRez UCA Conference Report

The Conference title "Governance and Headship: Roles, Risks and Responsibilities" reflects the complexity and risks inherent in the role of a Head of College or Hall of Residence.  Working in collaboration with the Australian Institute of Company Directors, the Conference organising committee created a one and a half day program providing professional development and practical application with one Head noting "It is the course that I wish I did 12 years ago when I first became a Head of College".   In order to better meet the needs of our members, the AICD ask that workshop participants complete their survey and have extended  the close date to Friday 24 October.

Sessions on how we can best support our Indigenous students and Dr Damian Powell's reflections on lessons learnt from the ADFA "Skype sex scandal" followed. A presentation on the latest research on Alcohol Use and Harm Minimisation among Australian University Students reported that whilst our systems on harm minimisation are some of the best in the world, there is a mismatch between our rational harm minimisation strategies and the irrational sense of how students 'become themselves through alcohol use'. This ARC research report is currently being finalised and will be available at the website next week.

Peter McDonald provided an interim report on the National Census of Colleges, Halls and 100+ bed Commercial Student Accommodation Providers. Of particular note was his finding that at the time of the last national census in 1999, there were 126 full-time Heads.  Today, there is a decline in the number of Heads but an increase in the number of residential places and the number of employees in the sector.  In fact, the number of employees in the sector is growing at 4% per annum and the sector as a whole is doubling in size every 15 years.  Results from the Census will be mailed to members in the first week of November.  

The final Q&A session of the Conference, entitled "Fees, Futures and Furphies: finding our way through fiscal change", assembled leaders from all three major Adelaide universities to discuss the Government's proposed changes within the higher education sector and their likely impact.  It was noted that the current costings had not affected where students chose to study, and it is believed that the proposed fees won't affect the decision of school leavers, however, they will provide a major deterrent to non-school leavers who are very price sensitive.  Additionally, one suspects that students will choose to stay at home more.

Honorary Life Members announced

We were honoured to have His Excellency The Hon. Hieu Van Le AO, Governor of South Australia preside over our Welcome Drinks.  A sense of wonder pervaded our Dinner at St Ann's College with Speaker, Entrepreneur & Magician, Vinh Giang showing how easy it is to influence one's subconscious mind.  Dinner at St Mark's College provided an opportunity to recognise the significant contribution made by two former members of the Association with the award of Honorary Life Membership to Yvonne Rate and Dr Lewis Rushbrook.  

For a visual record of the Conference, please visit our Members Photo Gallery.  

Please contact the Executive Officer should you experience difficulties with access the the Member Section of the Website.

Legal Employment Status of RA's

Peter McDonald's advice on the legal employment status of College RA's has once again been requested and a copy of this advice can be found here.




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