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  • UCA Forum 2018 - Collegiate Residences: Respect and Renewal
  • Partnerships, Partners and Affiliates
  • New Members
  • Alcohol Harm Minimisation Committee
  • UCA Remuneration Survey
  • Annual Membership Renewals

Respectful Relations – Response and Resources Advisory Group 

Survey results 
Thank you all for completing the survey which has provided constructive information for our Advisory Group and in establishing priorities and a framework. The response rate was very high at 81% of our membership indicating a strong interest in cultural change within our residences.  Key themes from members highlighted the need for best practice and finding effective ways for students to understand more clearly their roles and responsibilities in cultural change and bystander responsibilities.
Detailed survey results & a one page summary indicating next steps can be accessed via this link, (please contact the Executive Officer should you have misplaced your member password) however, at a high level, common themes included:
  • Development and coordination of standards and training across colleges
  • Documentation that can be easily accessed and implemented
  • Explore, distil, share leading practice
  • Working more collaboratively with universities
  • Practical ways to achieve the impact of alcohol on respectful relations and alcohol more generally
  • Provide an overview of well credentialed providers of education programs that include training in a proactive sense along with training in response to a disclosure.
  • Advice on reporting and managing complaints.
  • Ensure good news stories reach the media/PR campaign to show the positive aspects of college life
  • Provide updates on current issues such as AHRC report and Red Zone Report.  Also, what is being looked at and tried in other Colleges.
  • Resources/approaches in cross-cultural communication about sexual assault/harassment.
  • Resources directed towards proactive National Educational programs, preferably starting in High Schools and at the other end, preparing students for acceptable workplace behaviours.
  • The ‘low hanging fruit’ around training and policy is relatively easy.  Open discussion around gender and power is harder – a good outcome requires proper engagement from the affiliated university, boards, chapters, staff, student leaders, alumni and student clubs.
 A framework and key themes  
“Respectful Relations” has met on three occasions out of the Brisbane PwC office with representatives from other states able to access PwC’s videoconferencing facilities at local offices which has greatly enhanced meeting productivity.  Each two-hour meeting includes two discussion topics guided by themes which has provided an opportunity for members to engage effectively and contribute within their area of expertise.
A framework has been established with seven key components summarised briefly below:
  • Primary prevention and education
  • Early intervention
  • Incident/emergency response
  • Counselling and support
  • Investigation/disciplinary processes
  • Recording and reporting
  • Continuous improvement

These seven key components are supported by a suite of policy and procedure documentation, formally assigned roles and responsibilities, management of cases by key stakeholders, relationship with key bodies and organisations to leverage knowledge and resources and a collaborative and transformative culture which drives a victim/survivor centred approach.
Over the next few weeks, members of the advisory group will each work on a key component and work collaboratively with colleagues on draft resources for feedback at our fourth meeting.
If you have any questions, ideas or seek clarification, please contact Carla Tromans, Tom Mitchell.

UCA Forum 2018
26-28 September, The Henry Jones Art Hotel, Hobart
Collegiate Residences: Respect and Renewal

The 2018 Forum is a unique opportunity for Heads and Deputies to come together and discuss the needs of international and domestic university students as they relate to collegiate life. We pick up where we left off in Brisbane in 2017, reflecting on our progress and sharing plans and projects which will continue our work in respect and renewal.
Dave Segal & Wayne Erickson have dedicated much time to putting together the Forum.  A Draft Program, subject to amendments and further additions, can be accessed at our website conference page and here  As the Forum will be followed by a long weekend in most states & territories, we recommend booking accommodation early and please find a list of options here  Full registration details will be made available next week.

Partnerships, Partners & Affiliates

Earlier last month, UCA fellow executive member Wayne Erickson and I met with the Minister for Education, Senator Simon Birmingham.  The Minister conveyed his concern with regard to student safety and welfare with a particular focus on regulatory policies which support transparency which in turn provides the impetus for the higher education sector to meet the needs of tertiary students.   Wayne and I had the opportunity to discuss the formation of UCA’s Advisory Group and our ongoing commitment and priority on student safety and wellbeing and in responding to and ultimately preventing any and all forms of violence and harassment, including hazing, sexual harassment and sexual assault with an emphasis on the consistent message - that if any student witnesses or experiences sexual assault or sexual harassment that they will be listened to, they will be believed and they will be supported and that we will work with our students to ensure that they take their responsibilities as ethical bystanders seriously and to promote a culture within our colleges where it is safe to report.
UCA and APSAA continue to work on projects of mutual interest, including supporting Tim Corney’s (Victoria University) recent success in securing a grant from the Victorian state government’s Freedom from Violence Victoria’s strategy to prevent family violence and all forms of violence against women.  This research project will work with students and university and college administrations to progress a whole of setting approach to prevention of violence against women in two university residential settings.  The project will seek to empower female students to experience equality and respect in their residential college relationships and to empower all students in those settings to speak out against violence knowing they will be supported.  More information can be found here.
At the StarRez APSAA conference last month, UCA signed a new MOU with the newly branded APSAA.  I am also delighted to announce that we have formalised partnerships with NZATEAP, signing an MOU for the first time.  Dr Ian Walker has established an excellent relationship with AHISA and has discussed a proposed partnership with UCA whilst Dr Carla Tromans has been liaising with ASPA and established an MOU between both our organisations.

New Members

We welcome Dr Lesa Scholl (formally Dean of Academic Studies, Emmanuel College) who has been appointed Head of Kathleen Lumley College, Universities of Adelaide and Dr Jane Thomson who has been appointed Principal of Emmanuel College, University of Queensland.  Congratulations to Emma Parker who has taken on the role of Dean at Shalom College.

Alcohol Harm Minimisation Committee

Tim Corney presented to members at the APSAA conference and reported on the MIDY (Mobile Intervention for Drinking in Young People) project which had been promoted during the semester with varying levels of engagement.  Early technological issues have been sorted out with software updates and further promotion of the project will ensure good data analysis.  Alcohol harm minimisation was considered in terms of violence and aggression and the message from females speaking in focus groups revolves around males who are drunk.  The AHRC Report also highlighted the presence of alcohol in cases of sexual harassment and sexual assault. 
FARE (Foundation for Alcohol Research and Education) surveyed 148 first year students at Canberra University and the ANU and the information from this survey will form the basis for a social norms campaign to reduce risky drinking.  More information can be found here thanks to Jamiyl Mosely (B&G ANU).

Remuneration Survey and Policy & Procedures Resource Bank

Michael Bongers has put together a remuneration survey for members which will be released tomorrow and Tom Mitchell has been working on a resource bank for members of organisational policies and procedures.

Annual Membership Renewal Invoices

And finally…membership letters will be sent out by Deb by Monday 25 June (apologies for the delay) and I wish the students in your care all the very best for their upcoming exams and results and I hope that you all have the opportunity to recharge your batteries before the start of the next semester.
Rose Alwyn


Member Grants

A reminder that the UCA offers Conference, Research and Future Leaders Grants to support the professional growth and development of collegiate community leaders.  Find more information here or contact our Executive Officer for details.

2018 Advancement Tour 

Chicago, 20-24 August plus Hawaii,
27-28 August

UCA is pleased to offer one free registration (excludes airfare & accommodation).  Contact Deborah Pugh for details.

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