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Member Colleges

Member Colleges

The following are a list of current member residential colleges and halls in University Colleges Australia. If you are interested in becoming a member please click here.

UCA Member Colleges

New South Wales


International House The University of Sydney – Ms Jessica Carroll and Ms Katy Cuthbert (Associate Member)
Mandelbaum House The University of Sydney – Ms Shana Kerlander
New College University of New South Wales – Adjunct Professor Bill Peirson (UCA Public Officer), Mr Arend Boog (Associate Member) and Ms Susan Bazzana (Associate Member)
Sancta Sophia College The University of Sydney – Ms Fiona Hastings and Ms Brigid Carrigan (Associate Member)
Shalom College The University of NSW – Ms Tamara Samuel and Ms Michelle Kubie (Associate Member)
St Andrew’s College The University of Sydney – Mr Wayne Erickson and Dr Hester Wilson (Associate Member)
St John’s College The University of Sydney – Mr Adrian Diethelm and Mr Tony Walters (Associate Member)
St Paul’s College The University of Sydney – Rev. Dr Edward Loane 
The Kensington Colleges University of NSW – Ms Isabelle Creagh and Mr Michael Patoka  (Associate Member)
The Women’s College The University of Sydney – Dr Amanda Bell and Dr Tiffany Donnelly (Associate Member)

Macquarie University

Dunmore Lang College Macquarie University – Dr Alasdair Murrie-West and Ms Liza Allen (Associate Member)
Robert Menzies College Macquarie University – Rev. Dr Peter Davis and Dr Katrina Clifford and Rev. Dr Samuel Freney (Associate Members)

Regional NSW

St Albert’s College University of New England – Mr Jason Lincoln and Mr Trent Donaldson (Associate Member)




Burgmann College Australian National University – Ms Sally Renouf and Ms Amelia Zaraftis (Associate Member)

Bruce Hall Australian National University – Ms Katrina Boyd
Burton & Garran Halls Australian National University – Mr Jamiyl Mosely and Ms Rebecca Coleman (Associate Member)
John XXIII College Australian National University – Mr Geoff Johnston
Australian National University Halls of Residence Australian National University 
Toad Hall Australian National University – Dr Ian Walker, UCA Committee Member
University House (incorporating Graduate House) Australian National University – Professor Peter Kanowski and Mr Robert Freeth (Associate Member)
Wright Hall Australian National University – Mr Samitha Ramanayake








International House The University of Melbourne – Dr Deborah Seifert AM
Janet Clarke Hall The University of Melbourne – Dr Damian Powell and Ms Margie Welsford (Associate Member)
Newman College The University of Melbourne – Mr Sean Burke and Dr Guglielmo Gottoli (Associate Member)
Queen’s College The University of Melbourne – Dr Stewart Gill OAM and Mr Jacob Workman (Associate Member)
St Hilda’s College The University of Melbourne – Dr Brenda Holt and Mr James Hardiman (Associate Member)
Trinity College The University of Melbourne – Professor Ken Hinchcliff 
University College The University of Melbourne – Dr Jennifer McDonald

Other Victorian

Monash Residential Services Monash University – Ms Trisha Prpich and Ms Emma Fletcher (Associate Member)

Mannix College Monash University – Mr Sean Brito-Babapulle and Dr Sergio Fabris (Associate Member)
Campus Life Federation University – Mr Colin Marshall               


Jane Franklin Hall University of Tasmania – Ms Joanna Rosewell


Kurrajong Village Curtin University of Technology – Mr Norman Johnson
St Catherine’s College University of Western Australia – Ms Fiona Crowe and Ms Ashleigh Benadretti (Associate Member)
St Thomas More  College University of Western Australia – Mr Thomas Mitchell and Mrs Bec Wood (Associate Member)
Trinity University of Western Australia – Mr Mike Shearer
University Hall University of Western Australia – Mr Mark Sampson and Mr Chris Massey (Associate Member)


Aquinas College University of Adelaide, University of South Australia and Flinders University – Br Michael Green and Ms Carolyn Mee (Associate Member)
Flinders Living Flinders University – Mr James Atkinson and Ms Andrea Rohde (Associate Member)
Kathleen Lumley College All tertiary institutions of South Australia – Dr Lesa Scholl
Lincoln College Universities of Adelaide – Dr Paul Tosch and Dr Jordan Bell (Associate Member)
St Mark’s College University of Adelaide, University of South Australia and Flinders University – Prof. Donald Markwell and Mr Areti Metuamate (Associate Member)           


International House Darwin Charles Darwin University – Dr Philip Mosely


University of Queensland

Cromwell College University of Queensland – Mr Ross Switzer and Mr Michael Crome (Associate Member)
Duchesne College University of Queensland – Ms Kate Tully and Ms Frances Greene (Associate Member)
Emmanual College University of Queensland – Dr Jane Thomson and Ms Louise Hallo (Associate Member)
Grace College University of Queensland – Rev. Dr Anita Monro and Ms Roxana Paterson (Associate Member)
International House University of Queensland – Dr Carla Tromans, UCA Vice-President, and Mr Yohan Nair (Associate Member)
King’s College University of Queensland – Mr Greg Eddy and Mr Peter Walker (Associate Member)
St John’s College University of Queensland – Ms Rose Alwyn and Mr Glen Cronan (Associate Member)
The Women’s College University of Queensland – Mrs Florence Kearney and Ms Sally Northcroft (Associate Member)
Union College University of Queensland – Mr Peter O’Brien


Raymont Residential College Universities of Queensland – Mr Richard Niessl

Durack College Universities of Queensland – Mrs Kelly Alford        

James Cook University

JCU Halls of Residence James Cook University – Ms Alison Scott
Saints Catholic College James Cook University – Mrs Nicole Stott-Whiting
The John Flynn College James Cook University – Mr Michael Bongers and Mr Michael Stipis (Associate Member)