Signing of MOU between AACUHO and UCA by Mr Colin Marshall, the then President of AACUHO and Mrs Barbara Green, the then President of UCA, at the 2012 UCA Conference.

The University Colleges Association exists to provide services that will help its members become better leaders and in turn develop better collegiate communities.

The Association’s services are designed specifically to nurture the professional development and well-being of Heads and Deputies of Colleges and Halls of Residencies.

The UCA offers opportunities for advancement and networking through annual conferences.
Chapter visits, conference and research grants, and notification of job opportunities provide additional value for members to further their knowledge and experience.

Beyond this, the UCA provides a valuable support network for members to assist them work through issues particular to their collegiate communities.

As an industry body, the UCA provides an independent and unified voice to champion the cause of collegiate residences particularly with the Federal Government.