Professional Development

Professional Development


Continuing the process of learning is applicable to leaders, just as it is to the people they seek to lead. Professional Development is an integral part of the values promoted through the UCA.

Most recently the UCA has launched a Mentoring Program designed to increase the professional knowledge, skills and expertise of both those new to college headship and also those more experienced Heads.  See the program and registration details here.

The Association also works to provide quality courses such as those offered through the Australian Institute of Company Directors (AICD) to further assist Heads of Colleges and Halls to become better leaders of their collegiate communities.

These professional development courses are held during the UCA Annual Conference. Additionally, and in conjunction with the Australian Institute of Company Directors, the UCA offered half day workshops for College Directors and Council Members. The most recent workshop was held at The Women’s College, within the University of Queensland in 2015.

According to Dr Alasdair Murrie-West, Principal of Dunmore Lang College, Macquarie University


“The Governance workshop was excellent. I have been to a workshop on governance before plus a governance review when I was on the Board for a community agency so it was somewhat familiar territory although I claim no expertise in governance, just a strong interest in getting it right. This one was by far the best I have sat through – it was relevant, clear and easy to follow,” said Dr Murrie-West.

Further development is offered through the provision of resource materials, papers and e-news to assist members keep update to new developments in the industry.

The UCA encourages all members to participate in their own professional development and to share their knowledge and experience with fellow members.