Chapter Visits

Chapter Visits

L-R Dr Ian Walker, Mrs Barbara Green, Dr Carla Tromans, Professor Peter Høj, Adjunct Professor Iyla Davies, Dr Marie Leech, Ms Rose Alwyn

Chapter Visits are a key part of the UCA’s strategy. They provide a valuable opportunity to support members and foster close relations between university colleges. The visits go a long way to assisting the development of academic and social programs for university students and enriching the collegiate experience.

Site visits allows Committee Members to gain an understanding of local issues and to discuss matters of relevance and concern both to colleagues and to the Association.

The Association seeks to conduct at least two site visits per year to members of the Association.

In May 2016, the Executive Committee visited University of Queensland residential colleges as part of the Chapter Visit program. The Executive thoroughly appreciated the opportunity to meet first hand with Professor Peter Høj, Vice-Chancellor and President of the University as well as other members in Brisbane. The experience was mutually beneficial and helped to improve the flow of communication between members. Following is Chris Massey’s views on Chapter visits.

“It was great to see the Executive Committee in WA and connect on a personal level. We certainly welcome the opportunity to present first-hand the issues concerning our local collegiate community. The Chapter visits provide us with an opportunity to hear what is happening at the national level and in other states. All round the visits are an integral part of understanding grass root issues and keeping an open dialogue with the Executive Committee,” said Chris Massey, Director, UWA Student Residences.

As well as visiting The University of Queensland, the Executive Committee made another Chapter visit to the University of New England in August 2015. The Executive Committee enjoyed the opportunity to meet with the Heads of the UNE Colleges and discuss industry and local issues.

In addition to meeting with College Heads, these visits also provide members of the Executive with the opportunity to meet members of the Senior Executive of the universities and to promote the value of colleges and halls to the educational outcomes and experiences of university students. These meetings provide significant opportunities for personal interaction with colleagues as well as time to gain an understanding of local issues and to discuss matters of relevance and concern both to colleagues and to the Association. For this reason, the interstate visits have been a key strategy in the Executive’s goal to enhance relationships between individual members and the Association.

If you would like to request a visit by the Executive please contact us directly.