Chapter Visits

Chapter Visits

L-R Dr Ian Walker, Mrs Barbara Green, Dr Carla Tromans, Professor Peter Høj, Adjunct Professor Iyla Davies, Dr Marie Leech, Ms Rose Alwyn

Chapter Visits are a key part of the UCA’s strategy. They provide a valuable opportunity to support members and foster close relations between university colleges.  In addition to meeting with College Heads, these visits also provide members of the Executive with the opportunity to meet members of the Senior Executive of the universities and to promote the value of colleges and halls to the educational outcomes and experiences of university students. These meetings provide significant opportunities for personal interaction with colleagues as well as time to gain an understanding of local issues and to discuss matters of relevance and concern both to colleagues and to the Association.

The Association seeks to conduct at least two site visits per year to members of the Association.

If you would like to request a visit by the Executive please contact us directly.